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Licensed Modeling Agents

            Experienced Trainers

Modeling Consultants/Advocates:
                     Providing facts on the industry

Industry Coach: Personal and
                     Professional Development


Call to schedule a consulting appointment 
and meet with an agent that has professional experience in the industry.

licensed, legitimate agency with years of experience, doing quality work for quality clients.

The agency works in national productions including: tv commercials -- print -- runway shows -- and tradeshows. Professional modeling jobs are booked through legitimate, licensed agents only.  We accept only qualified job orders.

Experienced trainers prepare models for professional runway shows representing
designer clothing lines.

Corporate clients book models with a professional image, demeanor, and knowledge for modeling assignments.

Beware:  of fraudulant modeling sources, including false modeling agents, searches, scouts, recruiters, and photography scams, including offering modeling assignments with
out compensation. 

Legitimate agents do not solicit or approach with a sales pitch, or try to entice with flattery.

Real modeling jobs are booked through licensed agents, only.  Not all agents are credible.  High standards and exceptional ethics are essential.

Our modeling pros are licensed, legitimate,and experienced at booking models,male and female, of all ages and sizes for national clients in professional positions.

For information on professional model bookings, professional photographers, photo shoots, and modeling clinics.  Call the modeling pros at
(309) 692-8050 for factual information on the modeling industry, call the modeling consultants, for guidance, direction, advice, and instruction on the modeling industry.

                        AGENCY FEEDBACK:

"Realistic and comprehensive training prepared
          me to be a model."
- Todd R., Peoria

"The training allowed me to work as a  model."  
- Sara G. , Springfield
"All my friends have seen me on TV." 
- Tracy C., Chicago

    "I've been on the cover of a magazine, wow!."  
- Chris T., Oakbrook

           "Being a runway model is exciting !."
-Angie B., Peoria
  "You can always count on the professionalism of 
         the models."
- TV commercial producer

    "The models were the best runway models I have  ever  
         - Rep for clothing line

"Their on-the-job knowledge was excellent."
-Art Director

     "My child being in a TV commercial led to other jobs."
Samantha T.,Normal    

The training gave me the confidence to be in front of  an audience . "               
                       - Julia K., Bloomington

"I can't believe I was on television!." 
Joseph M., Galesburg